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Personal injuries are common nowadays and therefore personal injury lawsuits too, injuries can happen in the most unexpected time, and they can be consequence of various causes, and if you are not responsible for their appearance and someone else is, you can get a compensations for it, and why would not you, after all the medicines are expensive, and the expenses injuries cause are not so small that you could just let it go, especially if those injuries are serious and not so easy to heal.

MAIN-New-Macdonalds-burger-Japan (1)For all these reasons, you can now file a lawsuit against the one that caused you the injuries. Feel free to continue reading for more advice. Psychological and emotional injuries are also suitable for compensation nowadays, so if you became anxious or if you cannot sleep at night due to a certain assault or attack, you also can get compensated. Of course majority of personal injury cases are serious and are led because all the right reasons, however there are some that you cannot even believe happened, for example this lawsuit against McDonald’s fast food chain.

hot-coffee-graphicThis lawsuit was filed in the 1994 against the McDonald’s restaurants by their customer, woman called Stella. Stella Lieback, an elderly woman and a regular McDonald’s customer, complained about McDonald’s coffee. Coffee was allegedly too hot that it had burnt her arm, that was the cause for filing a lawsuit. Even though majority of the personal injuries settle out of court, with an agreement as an outcome, McDonald’s did not want to settle and they wanted to go to court, thinking how this lawsuit is bizarre and unbelievable.

Since restaurant refused to settle this argument outside the court, the trial had started and soon it was proven that the coffee was a few degrees too hot. The trial ended with a happy ending for Stella, compensatory damages she was awarded with, amounted to two hundred thousand dollars. Unluckily for her, the court later proved that she was responsible for this accident too and they reduced the amount to about $150 000, like that was not enough, she was awarded with close to 3 million dollars in punitive damages.

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