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Bizarre personal injury cases:  McDonald’s

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Personal injuries are common nowadays and therefore personal injury lawsuits too, injuries can happen in the most unexpected time, and they can be consequence of various causes, and if you are not responsible for their appearance and someone else is, you can get a compensations for it, and why would not you, after all the medicines are expensive, and the expenses injuries cause are not so small that you could just let it go, especially if those injuries are serious and not so easy to heal.

MAIN-New-Macdonalds-burger-Japan (1)For all these reasons, you can now file a lawsuit against the one that caused you the injuries. Feel free to continue reading for more advice. Psychological and emotional injuries are also suitable for compensation nowadays, so if you became anxious or if you cannot sleep at night due to a certain assault or attack, you also can get compensated. Of course majority of personal injury cases are serious and are led because all the right reasons, however there are some that you cannot even believe happened, for example this lawsuit against McDonald’s fast food chain.

hot-coffee-graphicThis lawsuit was filed in the 1994 against the McDonald’s restaurants by their customer, woman called Stella. Stella Lieback, an elderly woman and a regular McDonald’s customer, complained about McDonald’s coffee. Coffee was allegedly too hot that it had burnt her arm, that was the cause for filing a lawsuit. Even though majority of the personal injuries settle out of court, with an agreement as an outcome, McDonald’s did not want to settle and they wanted to go to court, thinking how this lawsuit is bizarre and unbelievable.

Since restaurant refused to settle this argument outside the court, the trial had started and soon it was proven that the coffee was a few degrees too hot. The trial ended with a happy ending for Stella, compensatory damages she was awarded with, amounted to two hundred thousand dollars. Unluckily for her, the court later proved that she was responsible for this accident too and they reduced the amount to about $150 000, like that was not enough, she was awarded with close to 3 million dollars in punitive damages.

Different types of personal injury

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There are a lot of different types of injuries. People hurt themselves and get hurt a lot of different ways, but what you should remember that if you’re not responsible for your injury, you may be entitled to personal injury damages.

So, without further ado, let’s go over a few types of personal injuries which lead to lawsuits. The first one we have in mind is an injury from a defective product. How this works is simple. All products in the United States are obligated by law to be safe if they’re used the way they’re intended to. But even when they’re not used the way they should, the manufacturer can still be held responsible and obligated to pay the damages.


The second is injury caused by a dangerous drug. Like everything else, drugs are products too. Being products, they’re held to safety standards like all other products. But mistakes happen and sometimes unsafe drugs get released into market. This usually ends in a class action law suit, but you can make a lawsuit of your own as well.
Another, and very common type of personal injury is an injury from a car accident.

Slip and fall kind of injury can result in a lawsuit as well. Stores and other kind of establishments have to make sure that the premises are safe for you. If they fail to secure their space and it results in an injury, you can sue them for negligence and recover the damages from the stores for the suffered injury.

22950689[1]This one is a lot more serious than the upper mentioned types and it’s injury due to medical malpractice. A form of medical malpractice is misdiagnosis and it can also lead to personal injury. If a doctor fails to diagnose a condition you have, while some other doctor would have been able to, you can sue if the condition gets worse due to misdiagnosis. If you find yourself in such situation try this link

Last in this article, but not least is an injury due to a dog bite. If someone’s dog bites you, you are able to sue them and recover damages in court.

Bizarre personal injury cases: Terrence Dickson

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Personal injury lawsuits are the most common lawsuits today, most of them settles before getting to court, so they are not such a burden to the court, which is good since courts have to deal with a lot more serious cases and criminals.

Since people file a lawsuit every time they get hurt by someone and that is now became a normal thing, instead of handling it on their own, some of the weirdest and the most unbelievable cases came to the court. In this manner we could mention a lawsuit against McDonald’s by and old woman due to her burns, that were caused by restaurant’s ‘too hot’ coffee. Unbelievably the old woman won this case and earned about 3 million dollars in total in the name of damage and punitive compensations.

Bizarre personal injury cases

This following lawsuit might be even more weird than the McDonald’s one, a thief Terrence Dickson was breaking and entering into a certain house with a purpose of stealing valuables. However this theft headed in the wrong way and the thief was trapped inside of a house he wanted to rob. If you want to be well informed at the time please consult Chicago Medical malpractice attorney. He planned to get away through the garage doors, when he finishes what he came for, but unfortunately for him, garage doors were not fully functional and he became trapped.

When he realized there is no way for him to pass through that door, he tried to look for another exit solution, but the second door he found were not functional too, and so he stayed in that house for straight eight days. As he says he barely survived, using Pepsi and dogs food to feed himself and stay alive. After this unfortunate event, Dickson sued the homeowners and won a trial. A jury sympathized with him and he was awarded with five hundred thousand dollars.

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